Sadie’s Reflections

I am very proud of Sadie and her personal journey in Switzerland. From the beginning, it was a tougher climb for her. She was leaving dear friends in the neighborhood, her loved sport of cheerleading and could not get into ISL for the first 6 months. What I appreciated most is that Sadie leaned into the experience. She became a great skier, made good friends and competed with the Lausanne Angels Cheerleading team (which made her a Swiss National Champion). Her last year in Switzerland brought a lot of fun and the last few months were filled with trips into town, a weekend in Croatia with school and a lot of time with Nora and Margarita (forever friends). I asked Sadie to reflect on her time and it is below. Once again Sadie is leaning into the future. Lots to learn from that.


I know the reaction everyone expects of me is sadness. But in all and complete honesty there is a sense of relief, a weight lifted off my shoulders. I feel as if I will leave knowing that it was significant part of my life however it doesn’t define my happiness and the future I am looking forward to. I’m choosing instead of looking remorsefully at the past, I’m going to looking joyfully to the future and all in all I will enjoy the present and wherever it brings me.

I made great friends in Switzerland, like Nora and Margarita. I will miss them dearly, but am excited to reconnect with the maple brook six and make new friends at maple grove middle.

Thank you Switzerland, Hello America 🙂


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