Lago di Como, bellissimo senza George

Quick weekend drive to Lake Como for Jess and I as the girls are in the US with the grandparents. Lake Como has been “on my list” the entire time in Switzerland and after the Obama’s just visited the Clooney’s in Lake Como, the four hour drive was a must.

The drive over included a “car train” where you drive onto a train that takes you through Swiss/ Italian Alps. I’ve heard of this train but of course it was google maps that directed us in this direction. I literally can’t imagine this expat experience without GPS!

Beautiful hotel right on the edge of Lake Como and 10 minutes out from the center of Como.

We took a quick tour of Villa del Balbianello, scenes from Casino Royale and Star Wars filmed there. Long (2+ hours) and hot (+90 degrees) boat ride home but worth seeing the beauty.

A wonderful meal on Lake Como, a tour of the city and we are on our way back to Switzerland.

Oh, no sightings of George and Amal but still worth it! Northern Italy has been a highlight over the last 3 years. Ciao Italia!

Car train through Swiss/Italian Alps

Villa del Balbianello

Scene from Casino Royale filmed here

Great place to stay, Hotel Villa Flori

What an experience we have had 😍

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