Feeling at home in the middle of our European vacation

As is the tradition for Quam visitors, I am sharing a bit about our visit.

For as long as I can remember, my daughters Zoe and Erin have been asking me to take them to Paris. They even choose French as their language to learn in school because one day we were going to Paris. We thought 2018 was the year and started to make plans. My good friend Bethany invited us to visit her near French speaking Lausanne, Switzerland (only a short 3 hour train ride from Paris). Bethany and I emailed countless times trying to coordinate schedules. Although it was disappointing to both of us, we finally realized it wasn’t going to work. And then for a variety of other reasons, it didn’t work out for Zoe, Erin and me to take the trip in 2018. So, we started planning for 2019. After looking at endless flight options and coordinating dates and activities, it was finally settled – we were going as soon as school ended in 2019.

As we started to plan the trip, we all agreed we wanted to visit other parts of Europe in addition to Paris. We decided on Amsterdam and somewhere in Switzerland. Remembering the struggles Bethany and I had trying to coordinate schedules the previous year, I didn’t contact her until we had more of a schedule. Almost like magic, everything fell into place – the exact days we wanted to be in Switzerland also happened to be a free weekend for Bethany, McKenna and Sadie for one day. A perfect girls weekend in the making.

After a few days in Amsterdam, we flew to Genève. Bethany met us at the airport and we started a beautiful weekend of catching up for Bethany and me and making new friends for Zoe, Erin, McKenna and Sadie.

Anyone who has traveled knows that you start to miss home cooked meals and space to spread out after a few days. What an amazing opportunity we had in the middle of our European vacation to be welcomed into the Quam’s home and made to feel like part of the family. We paddle boarded off the dock in front of their house, ate amazing home cooked meals, were driven to the Cailler chocolate factory and the adorable town of Gruyere, took the ferry to Lausanne, played a lot of Mario Kart, did some laundry and caught up on endless topics. It was one of those weekends that was good for the soul. We can’t say thank you enough to the Quams for making us feel at home in the middle of our European vacation.

With love to our wonderful hosts,

Jessica Kral, Zoe and Erin

McKenna coaching Erin on how to paddle board

The views of Lac Leman – the pictures don’t do it justice.

Visiting the Cailler chocolate factory where we learned how to “experience” chocolate.

Zoe and Erin capturing memories on the city wall of Gruyere.

The adorable chalet where we had authentic raclette thanks to Bethany’s planning.


McKenna, Erin and Zoe on the ferry boat to Lausanne

Me and Bethany

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