2-Do-Shay (or a two show day)

Back in a London! Just mom and I. After Sadie and mom did Paris, it was my turn. I’ve been listening to the Hamilton sound track for 4 years so if I could see Hamilton on the West End that was my dream come true.

Hamilton did not disappoint. It was the best musical I’ve ever seen. Watching King George in London gave it an additional fun flare.

While in London, why not have a 2-Do-Shay, that is theatre speak for two shows in a day. Our second show was the Play that Goes Wrong. It had us laughing through the whole show. Nice to see some British theatre.

Besides the 2-Do-Shay, we shopped and ate our way through London.

London, we love you so much.

So happy to be with my mom!

British Tea at the English Rose Cafe

All they serve is chips – Hipchips

Inside the beautiful Victoria Theatre


Breakfast at Duck and Waffle! 40 stories above the city.

Our compact luxury hotel involved sharing a bed, sorry mom

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