Berglin’s and Fryxell’s visit to Switzerland

What are the ingredients for a perfect vacation? (Thought I would use a recipe theme since Bethany is such an amazing cook.)

1.)Planners (Jess and BQ) – Impeccable attention to detail and always 5 steps ahead. Reservations made well in advance for everything.

2.) Attenders (Berglin’s and Fryxell’s) Always ready to make it a great time and ready for anything. No fun suckers in the group. Very low maintenance group and always LOTS of laughs.

3.) A great atmosphere – chalet in the Swiss Alps… with a roaring wood burning fireplace, hot tub, and incredible view of the mountains. Need I say more?

4.) Amazing food – lovely breakfasts in the chalet with coffee and a great view of the mountains from the living room. Lunch reservations at some great places in the mountains and incredible dinners whether it be at fun, unique restaurants or amazing dinners cooked by BQ in the chalet. All fantastic.

5.) Active, super fun activity… like skiing! We skied our hearts out for four days straight and got our fill of the most amazing skiing you could ever imagine.

6.) Hilarious inside jokes made all week. What did you eat?? Ostrich. I need everyone to Focus. We’re havin’ cheese… on everyTHANG! I want the red one… I want to go first! Sledding craziness.

SO MUCH FUN! An experience we are all so thankful to have had. One we will never forget.

Thank you so much, Jess and Bethany. We love you and will be forever grateful for this incredibly PERFECT vacation!


Kacie, Terry, Dawn and Eric

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