The Major Thing

My parents visited us last week in Switzerland. They timed their trip to see McKenna perform in the high school performance of the Little Shop of Horrors. It was fantastic having them here and I thought them being here for the play would be the major thing the girls appreciated about their visit. However, the night after they left I asked the girls what was the best part of having Grandma and Grandpa here and they surprised me with their answers. The major thing to them was not the big event of the play. It was the every day moments of fun and love that they shared. For Sadie, it was making a fort with Grandpa, baking with Grandma and the Swiss raclette dinner we had at our house. For McKenna, it was the conversations about politics she had with Grandpa and the amazing hugs from Grandma where you can “feel the love passing through you”. For me, it was the road trip to the Christmas markets with just the three of us in the car for hours to get to Strausberg, France and Basel, Switzerland. So fun to experience these amazing European Christmas markets with my parents.

There was a beautiful blog reflection this week about the eulogy President George Bush gave at his father’s funeral that perfectly described what played out for us last week during Grandma and Grandpa’s visit. The advice was “Don’t make the minor stuff the major stuff. Have fun, play games, have family dinner, be kind, do good in your community when you have opportunity, show integrity when no one is watching, and love your spouse fiercely. Fight for your family. At the end of your life this is what will matter to your children”.

Thank you mom and dad for fiercely loving us and never allowing distance to take away the major things. We cannot wait to spend the holidays with all of our family and friends focused on the major thing (which I know is not the perfectly wrapped presents but is a good reminder for me as I online shop late into the night 😜).

Blog post referenced included:

McKenna as the voice of the plant
Sadie was super proud of her sister
McKenna’s friend Clara as Ronette was amazing
30 meter live tree in Strausburg, France

Bethany’s new friend

The markets Even better than I thought

Raclette never disappoints

Sadie and Grandpa’s fort

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