October and November…oh my!

I have been committed to capturing the major moments of our experience as a family living in Europe on this blog. So I will fulfill that commitment tonight with a some of the highlights of the last two months.

1). A visit to beautiful Greece: Jess, Sadie and I spent fall break in Athens and Sani Resort.

Beautiful island tour

Great day in Athens guided by Stavros

A handstand at the Acropolis

A weird experience at the “fish spa lake”

We loved Greek Food! Especially tazikki!

Sadie’s first time diving!

Sani Resort was beautiful!

Celebrated our 20th anniversary at Sani Resort

2). A Service Project to Cambodia: While we visited Greece, McKenna went with 30 of her year 11 classmates to Cambodia. They built a house and taught English to Cambodian children.

3.). A fun mom and daughter weekend in Paris: Sadie joined me in Paris for the weekend. Flew over and back by herself. It was such a great time.

4.) A NFL game in London!

4). Another Swiss Thanksgiving: This year’s challenges different than last year’s in terms of getting a turkey but just like last year it all worked out.

Two 5 kg birds from Coop at home delivered by the post!

A great celebration with GMI & CPW expats

A trip to KFC for lunch on Thanksgiving- chicken is almost turkey!

Sharing the Thanksgiving tradition in the office

5). Tons of work travel: Trips to Spain, UK, France, Australia, Germany, US. Always happy to see George in the Geneva airport and even happier to see the ones that make my life complete.

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