It’s taken some grit…

It’s been awhile since I’ve written down my thoughts. For sure one of the answers is I’ve been busy, but the true answer is I could not reconcile how the last few months have felt. I could not decide between posting a picture of the amazing view from our new house or a picture of boxes all over inside.  Once again so many “firsts” for us combined with “seconds” and even “thirds” as we passed 2 years on this journey of not living, working or going to school in our home country. As I scrolled through my pictures and saw the cover of the book GRIT (thank you my friend Jodelle for the recommendation) finally my feelings were reconciled. It’s taken some grit the last few months. I felt the need to find more resilience. I got frustrated with our unplanned move of houses within Switzerland, the hard stuff of leading a business with limited scale and not being able to talk to my French speaking neighbors. None of these a big deal. But as a self admitted learning and change junkee had I overdosed?

At the same time, I was watching Sadie really picking up speed and finding joy. What I am witnessing is the individuality of the change curve. It has been different for each of us in this family in terms of when we each needed to find our grit and for how long we needed that grit. I led out on the curve of change and my passion for learning fueled me. I was running at a 1 mile pace for two years. Sadie needed a lot more resilience up front and her passion came later and it is fueling her now. I was carrying her in the beginning. Jess, McKenna and Sadie have carried me over the last two months. Jess has always said to the girls “when the going gets tough, the Quam’s get going.”. The key word being the Quam’s. I had always thought of grit as individual and thought of it more in a moment than over the course of time. Today I realize it can be a team support. Lending your grit to others is powerful. Sadie lent her grit to me through perspective and humor during our move. As I tried to clear a space on the unpacked table for dinner she saw my frustration and perfectly placed the comment “well, at least our heads are on our necks”. Hard to argue with that.

So what has brought the passion the last few months:

Teddy loves being back with Jess and walking daily along lake Geneva. Teddy’s resilience was tested this summer with so many weeks away from Jess (💩 💩 💩)

Sadie is playing soccer with ISL and her good friends Nora and Margarita. A novice at 12 years old is completely welcome. I love that.

Jess is the school treasurer for ISL. He is giving lots of time and talent to a great PTA. Also found some fun in London at an NFL game and a beautiful Swiss fall.

McKenna continues to rock the change curve and will be the plant in the Little Shop of horrors at school this fall. On her way to Cambodia now for a school service trip.

Bethany is learning from the world with trips to Germany, the Netherlands and Greece this week.

Now I just feel grateful.

4 thoughts on “It’s taken some grit…

  1. Roger and Marlene Schroeder says:

    Bethany, that blog is fantastic. What a great insight and report on your family. We can hardly wait to see all of you again in late November.
    Dad and Mom


  2. Jen Scanlon says:

    Really lovely heartfelt blog, Bethany. It’s so true that while expat life is fantastic, it has a lot of challenges. Perseverance, supportive friends and a sense of humor are essential. Xx


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