Chocolate, Cheese, and Cheerio!

Hello from Bethany’s sister, Kristen, guest writer of this post. As soon as we found out the Quams were moving to Switzerland, we started making plans to visit. We hadn’t been to Europe together as a family, and Skyler (13) and Luca (11) were at a good age to make some memories. We took the train up to Lausanne from Milan after visiting Rob’s Italian aunt, uncle and cousin. (The Pizza, Pasta, Pronto tour — we have been quite happily eating and drinking our way through Europe!)The temperatures had been in the 90s and it wasn’t much cooler in Switzerland when we arrived. The kids were excited to see their cousins and play in the pool. We ventured out to see the city of Lausanne and took in the amazing views. Our first full day in Switzerland was spent tasting the local delicacies. It was hard work but we were up to the challenge. After all that eating, we spent the next day being active, climbing trees…and paddling in Lake Geneva.Then it was onto the last leg of our adventure: London. We celebrated the 4th of July (affectionately known in England as Traitors’ Day) quietly in a pub. The big event that brought us to England was Wimbledon. We had wonderful seats in the shade for the second round matches on Center Court. Rafael Nadal beat Mikael Kukukshin in 3 sets.It was really hot and Rafa needed to change his shirt between sets, but Bethany and I barely noticed.Keeping with tradition we sampled Pimms Cups and the famous strawberries and cream.The grounds at Wimbledon were beautiful. Attending was a bucket list item for sure, and we’re so grateful for the opportunity!We finished our time together with more sightseeing, including the Tower of London. It’s been the trip of a lifetime and we’ll cherish the memories forever. Thank you, Quams, for everything. We love you!

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