McKenna goes to Iceland

Below written for the school newsletter by McKenna


During Ascension weekend, year 10 undertook a trip to Iceland. This unique country in addition to its geology is filled with a rich viking history and myths that involve fairies and trolls. If you have never been to Iceland it is a surreal experience. First of all there’s no grass. Instead of grass it is all a type of moss that takes around a century to grow so you’re not allowed to walk on it even though it looks like it would be as soft as a pillow.

During the trip the group did all the important Iceland stops starting with the blue lagoon, which is Iceland’s most popular tourist attraction. The blue lagoon is best described as the world’s most beautiful hot tub. The water is a pastel blue color from the silicon inside it. Not only does the water look very nifty, it’s also great for your skin. The guy who outlined the rules of the lagoon said the water had age reversing properties which was very useful for a group of 14 and 15 year olds.

We saw a lot of waterfalls. When eating lunch or walking around there always was a waterfall. We visited the Seljalandsfoss waterfalls and they were truly beautiful. There are no words to describe the rushing water and the cold I felt when I got too close to the pounding water.

I found this trip hard to describe in words because Iceland is such a unique place. The best way to experience it is to be there. Rapid fire round of what we did: visited a lava center and learned about all the volcanoes, saw a recreation of an old farmhouse that they filmed game of thrones, saw a geysir erupt, straddled the mid-atlantic ridge, eat ice cream while seeing the cows that made the milk that made the ice cream, took way too many photos, and finally went on a whale watching tour where we saw white beaked dolphins. It was an action packed trip and I’m so glad I came.

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