Grazie Lake Magiorrie!

Sadie, Jess and I headed to Isla dei Pescatori on Lake Magiorrie in Italy for ascension weekend. About a 4 hour drive from Lausanne.

Our hotel was on a really small island you reached by boat from Stresa, Italy.

Italy never disappoints – friendly people, great food, beautiful scenery.

McKenna was in Iceland with her classmates so we practiced what it will be like when she is off to college.

Great place to celebrate a birthday!

In front of Hotel Belvedere

Hotel Belvedere

Sadie worked hard to climb that tree!

Beautiful gardens & animals at Parco Villa Pallavicino

Isla Bella was the island next door with a beautiful palace and gardens and the peacock opened it’s feathers!

Ended the trip on a “roller coaster” that we reached by taking a gondola and chair lift to get to.

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