Ski Season by the numbers

All good things must come to an end and the 2018 Swiss ski season is no exception. I feel incredible blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful ski season in one of the best ski destinations in the world, however I am even more blessed to enjoy it with so many good friends who came to visit. Thank you to all who made the trip, here is the ski season by the numbers:

118 kph max speed

62 ski days

29 friends visited from the 🇺🇸

8 groups hosted in Verbier

6 Chez Danny visits ~ most w/ snow taxi & night sledding home

5 new skiers braved the Swiss Alps

4 Giant Slalom ski races (McKenna & Sadie)

3 great instructors (Tug , Kate & Charlotte)

2 chair lifts (wo/ski) = coffee break (thank you Vikki Babb)

1 Great Ski Season!!

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