Bonjour from Team Teddy! (Guest writer Carol Andreu)

What an amazing week we’ve had in Switzerland with the Quam’s! Despite some last minute travel changes (due to the French train workers strike), we traveled by car to get to Lausanne & were greeted by Bethany, Jess, the girls & Teddy to quickly whisk us up to Verbier. The drive was amazing as we took in the beauty around us & the awesome company. 🙂

We spent the first day in ski lessons. It was the first time skiing for all three kids… & it had been decades since Jay & I had skied. We all had a blast!

Carson was excited to get back on the slopes for Day 2, with his instructor, Charlotte, who got him up on the mountain to ski some more challenging hills! He would have skied (& hung with Charlotte) all week if we would have let him.

Laney also caught the ski bug & did an amazing job on some difficult hills that we had to take to get home (as the chairlift we needed was closed). We were all so excited as she conquered this hill!

Transportation challenges continued as we headed up the mountain for dinner one evening @ Chez Dany, which the Quam’s typically arrived at via a snow taxi. Nope – not this time… the snow taxi was out of commission so we decided to walk, and just as we did…the snow started to fall.

While some of us walked at first – we all ended up arriving at the restaurant via snowmobile!

The weather changed so quickly and brought us so much fun & laughter… it was a perfect night for sledding home.

We also made our way up to the top of the mountain – what a view! (Bethany played photographer all week!)

We left Verbier & thanked the ski village for a wonderful ski experience & even better weather. Next up… the chocolate factory.

Carson took in all the chocolate he wanted – mmmm. After the chocolate factory tour, we headed to the town of Gruyere to grab some lunch & check out the city (& it’s old castle).

We had a unique & fun lunch experience at the Alien bar.

The visit however would not have been complete without Teddy – he provided many hours of cuddles, walks & fun (in Verbier, Gruyere & back at home).

He was loved by all & will be missed by Team Teddy!

This truly has been a trip of a lifetime. We’ve made so many memories and had such a terrific time with the best hosts you could ask for. 🙂 Thank you for everything – we couldn’t have asked for a better European vacation!

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