A First for Everything (guest writer Emily Nolan)

We can’t thank the Quams enough for the inspiration to take on so many firsts for our family. These are the memories of a lifetime.

First time to Europe for most of us.

First time to Switzerland for all of us.

First time in the (real) mountains for Chris and Katie.

First time skiing (in a long time, or ever) for all of us.

First snow taxi to dinner.

First sled ride in the snow down a mountain in the Alps to get home from dinner (only post event pics to prove we survived and loved it are available).

First gondola ride up to ~11,000 feet to reach the top of a mountain in the clouds.

First time drinking from a frozen pepper for Tim and Jess.

Beyond the firsts and the amazing scenery, our time together was cemented by an acquired love for Shark Tank, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

But here is what wasn’t a first, nor a last – spending days together, laughing, sharing, and celebrating our friendship and families.

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the Quams’ generosity in hosting us for this once in a lifetime vacation. We will miss them dearly and count the weeks until we see them again this Summer.

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