“Merci” (if you sing it, you sound like you know the language) Guest writer Jodelle Migely

I remember the day like yesterday, Bethany shared the news with us that they’d be moving to Switzerland. Without hesitation, I immediately responded with, “We will come and visit!” You see, the Quam’s are not only our next-door neighbors and our dear friends but Sadie is my daughter Kate’s very best friend. They are kindred spirits and the promise of a visit softened the blow.

Voila. The Migely’s appear in Switzerland 🇨🇭

(Sadie and Kate first sighting!)

Fate allowed us to watch Sadie compete at a cheer competition the day of our arrival. Sadie+Cheer=Happiness

The way Kate feels about Sadie is similar to how my husband feels about skiing. Is there any better place to ski than the Swiss Alps? We think not! Verbier, we love you!

Better skiing and more fun could not have been had! Oh, the memories we made in beautiful, truly amazing, Verbier

The boys took an extra day to ski, due to the promise of some “pow.” The girls took on the Callier chocolate factory. Chocolate+ Friends= More Happiness.

After all of that, how do we say “goodbye!” Not without a lump in our throats and the promise of time together soon.

More wine, cheese and chocolate could not have been consumed, but the ultimate indulgence was the amount of laughter and memories made.

Merci beau coupe, Quam’s. You have not only embraced this amazing country, you share it well.

Merci. Au Revoir

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