A “Special” 4th this year!

In Europe, school goes much later so the girls just finished on June 30th.  And on July 1st they headed back to the US.  We all had a great time reuniting with family and friends.  I am now back in Switzerland with Teddy but Jess and the girls are having fun in the US until 1st week of August.  We are so blessed to have such loving family & friends.  It was simply great to be reunited with so many.

Lots has happened since my last post so here it goes in pictures!

Sadie’s last day at Haut Lauc with her friend Abby!

McKenna’s last day with friends at ISL. I officially have a high school and middle school kid! Yikes!

Jess has made some great friends and they walked the dogs every morning after school drop off.

Reunited with “the cousins” & g’ma and g’pa

Waiting for us on our driveway!

Sadie is so happy being with her friends again!

And McKenna equally as happy being at Camp Foley!

Time with Uncle Matt and Gma & Gpa Quam

The 4th of July just a little more special this year!

Spectacular day boating with amazing friends

What he misses most – great friends and great beer (and pizza)!

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