Happy Father’s Day Jess!

We have had a good month just living in Switzerland.  

The girls wrote Jess notes today for Father’s Day and I find their notes very reflective on what Jess meant to us all these last 6 months.  

We are all coming back to Minnesota for a visit in the coming weeks and cannot wait to see our friends and family.

Sadie’s note

McKenna’s note

Bruno Mar’s concert in Geneva. Fun and hot (no air conditioning in Switzerland)!

Bruno’s band was amazing!

Lots of time in the pool (see above, no air conditioning)

Chamonix, France stepping into the void (1,000 feet below you)

Mont Blanc – highest mountain in Europe.

Raclette – quickly becoming our new favorite food!

Or maybe macaroons!

4 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day Jess!

  1. Jessica Wald says:

    Happy Fathers Day Jess! Maybe we will see you up north over the 4th if you will be at Schroeder’s?! Chad and I are seriously contemplating visiting Switzerland possibly in early 2019— If that would work for your family?! Miss you all! Wald’s


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