Swiss National Champion!

Over 4 months ago on a Friday night Jess, Sadie and I visited the Lausanne Angels Cheer team.  It felt different than Sadie’s beloved Planet Spirit.  We went home and Sadie said she did not want to join.  Over the coming days, we talked about how the Lausanne Angels would not be Planet Spirit but there could be some really great positives.  Mainly an opportunity to participate in the sport she loves.  One of the positives we talked about was that this team would participate in the Swiss National Competition and for the rest of her life Sadie could say “I competed in the Swiss National Championship” (a great one for 2 truths and a lie).  Well her truth will now be “I am a Swiss national cheerleading champion”!   The team performed great beating out 9 other teams.  We all loved watching the competition in Bern, Switzerland.  Proud of Sadie for leaning into the uncomfortable (only English speaker on the team) and thankful that once again we learn that one person can make a difference.  This time it was Jerome, her coach that spoke some English and was willing to showcase her tumbling.  

4 thoughts on “Swiss National Champion!

  1. Marlene Schroeder says:

    That is so impressive. I can’t believe it is the same team that we watched practice. Sadie(the star) , you should be so proud! Grandma


  2. Jean Spong says:

    We have never known another Swiss National Champion – of anything! Congratulations!
    Although you probably don’t know us, we know your parents and all four of your grandparents. We love living vicariously through you and your family’s Euro adventures.
    Bob & Jean Spong


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