Notes from our First Guest

Good evening from Lausanne!

My name is Matt Quam and I am delighted to be the inaugural guest here at Chez Swiss Family Quaminson (I’m also known to many of you as Jess’s bon vivant, younger brother). I happened to be in The Netherlands and Belgium for work, so I popped down to Switzerland for a long weekend visit.

And what a weekend it was! The magnificent snow covered mountains greet the Quams every day as they head to school or work. Unbelievably beautiful! Each family member is slowly adjusting to the Swiss/French culture (“if you sing ‘bonjour’ a little, you get a better response”). To say that I’m impressed to hear Jess speak French to the people here is an understatement. Even as we are now both in our 40s, it’s awesome to see how he and his family continue to challenge and stretch beyond themselves, embracing the foreign and trying hard to learn something new.

I’ve included a few photos below from my time here. A tour of a cheese factory, champagne on a mountain side, a morning school drop off for Sadie and McKenna, crepes on the lake and Saturday pizza at home. Rest assured… life is good for our Quams here in beautiful Switzerland.

Most sincerely,

L’Oncle Matt 

5 thoughts on “Notes from our First Guest

  1. Roger and Marlene Schroeder says:

    Nice going Matt. Seems like you had a great time. We can’t wait until we get over to see the Quam’s on May 7 to 15.


  2. Bethany says:

    I sure it was absolutely fabulous to have a taste of home arrive on their doorstep! I can never get enough pics of such a wonderful family! 😊


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