Good Morning London!  We ❤️ you!

Our Top 10 from the weekend in London:

#1 The Warner Bros Making of Harry Potter!

#2 Seeing Big Ben – collecting hand stands across Europe

#3 St Paul’s Cathedral – worth the 400 steps to the top

#4 Views from the London Eye

#5 Shopping – we love Hamley’s toy store and Hardy’s candy

#6 Fish & Chips and beers in pubs

#7 Picking fresh sushi off the conveyor belt!

#8, 9, 10 ordering Starbucks in English Friday, Saturday & Sunday!!!!

After 3 months here, being able to easily communicate was great.  For us,  London was a little dose of home.  We loved it!  

Fun pictures from Harry Potter!

4 thoughts on “Good Morning London!  We ❤️ you!

  1. Bethany says:

    I LOVE all the pics!! I can’t get over how grown up McKenna is looking! 😳 …and Im trying to remember if I’ve ever seen Jess completely bald before….??👍 😃 You all just look so great and happy!!….wait, Sadie…you drink coffee?!?!


    • bethany says:

      Ha! The completely bald is because of how expensive and hard (in French) it was to get a haircut. He took to cutting his own hair. And Sadie is drinking hot cocoa! Miss you all and love all your comments. I have found that the blog is as much for me. It keeps me feeling connected.


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