Happy 1st Swiss Birthday Jess!

It’s our first Quam family birthday celebrated in Switzerland.   I was in Brussels for a business meeting and felt particularly bad about not being at home all day for his birthday.  Over the last 10 weeks the “core 4” has become very tight.  I was talking with a friend in the US and mentioned in the conversation “I have never spent more time with the girls and Jess”.  At the end of the call she said to me how surprised she was by that statement as I just took a big job with responsibility in 26 countries. It made me reflect on why I said that.  Two reasons 1) we are dependent on each other with no family and limited friends 2) for the first time in our married lives, one of us is not working and it just allows more quality family time; with the girls almost 11 and 14 yrs old I know we will look back on this as the hidden gem of this experience

So back to Jess and his birthday.  I am honored and blessed to take this crazy ride called life with him.  He is truly the selfless rock of this family.

We talk often about what we miss from the US and for Jess it is good beer and Papa Murphy’s pizza.  The pizza I can’t solve but for today the beer I can!  I flew home this collection from Belgium for him.  Happy Birthday Jess!   We love you to the moon and back!

Awesome homemade cookies from Jess’s mom! Feeling loved.

Card from Marlene & Roger Schroeder

Bethany and her coworker at the EU parliament in Brussels

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