Le chien suisse

Teddy the international dog here.  Ready to tell you all about being a Swiss Dog.  Switzerland is a country that loves dogs which means I can go pretty much everywhere.   Picture below of me today  having lunch with the family at Sadie’s favorite restaurant La Creperie d’Ouchy!  

Almost every day I go on “the morning dog walk”.  After my dad drops Sadie off at school a group of us take a walk around the school grounds.  I really enjoy the walk except there is one dog known as “the biter”.  Nobody likes “the biter”.

I have a great backyard.  I spend a lot of time barking at the birds.  They know I am the boss.

I already have my Swiss passport.  Important so I can travel everywhere around Europe. 

Like the family, I miss my buddies from the neighborhood (Eddie, Hattie, Reagan, Margo, Maggie, Bella).   

Please send bacon.

Having lunch at Creperie d’Ouchy

My favorite place in the house

Getting registered at the canton.

A walk at bogey

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