Going in head first…

This week is known as “ski break” in Switzerland.  The girls are off from school and we rented a place for the week in a ski town called Verbier.

We have approached the week head first.

Monday:  morning lessons for Bethany and girls, all afternoon skiing with friends, and then dinner by taking a snow taxi to a restaurant and sledding home!  

Tuesday:  More lessons and all day skiing and a friend, Abby, sleeping over.

Wednesday:  lessons for the girls,  Bethany skiing with Jess and “way over her proverbial skis”, night skiing down the hill with torches!

So we have learned three things:  1) there is way less regulation/waivers in Switzerland.  Just because they will let you do something (sled home, allow kids to ski with torches) does not mean it is safe 2) like languages, the kids get good so fast and I am already the “worst” 3)  Europeans are way more relaxed – a little skiing in the morning, a beautiful lunch with wine, a couple more ski runs and done.

We are having a great family week.  Much needed.  The last 7 months have been planning to move, moving, settling.  This week we are living.

Torchlight ski

View from top of Verbier

Sadie at the Audi fun park

Mckenna at the Audi fun park

With Annabelle and Charlotte Martin

Snow taxi to Chez Danny and sledding home

View from our rental in Verbier


8 thoughts on “Going in head first…

  1. Marlene Schroeder says:

    This is fabulous. The photos are wonderful. Skiing with torches is like putting candles on live Christmas trees–beautiful but iffy.


  2. Roger (Grandpa) Schroeder says:

    Looks like great fun, especially the girls jumping. Is Jess getting a “sun tan” from the skiing? Looks good on him and I like the relaxation idea. You won’t want to come back to the U.S. unless you can live in Colorado.


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