My week from “awful” to “awesome”

Hello Dad’s turn to write the blog this week. It was another challenging and yet exhilarating week in Switzerland for the Quam family.   Bethany and I both started exercise programs on Monday.  Bethany stepped it up with cross fit while I tried “Body Pump” with some of the moms from McKenna’s school (insert your own punchline).  

As we debriefed about our new exercise experiences on Monday night I informed Bethany that I was awful at Body Pump. Being a wonderful caring wife Bethany responded with many words on encouragement and even questioned my summary of the experience “why do you think you were awful?”  My response was simple “that’s what the instructor told me after the class”.  I’m told this direct style is French, I just call it rude.  I’m proud to say I resisted my American instincts to give him a manners lesson. 

This week started rough for me and the challenges continued as I tried to accomplish some of the more basic tasks in life in a foreign country that speaks predominantly French. However we ended it on a high note. On Saturday we went to visit a game center called Fun Planet (think D&B w/bowling, kart races and a ropes course) and took some new friends of McKenna & Sadie.  For McKenna, Kathleen from school (originally from South Africa) and for Sadie, Abby from Canada. Then on Sunday we took our first family trip to ski in Verbier.   It may be the most beautiful place I have ever seen – God’s majesty was clearly on display. 

So this week literally went from awful to awesome and I’m sure there are more highs and lows to come.  I am having a great time here, but miss my friends and family at home. I hope to see you all soon. 

3 thoughts on “My week from “awful” to “awesome”

  1. Roger (Grandpa) Schroeder says:

    I like Sadie’s matching ski helmet and goggles in pink. Very cute.
    P.S. I like yours too Jess matching in black, but not quite as much.


  2. Todd Sawyer says:

    What an amazing experience for all of you! I love these posts,great for all your friends and family as well for your own logo and memory book. Miss ya my friend and I’m proud of you for taking the high road. I know you didn’t travel thousands of miles to tussle with an exercise instructor. 😆 that’s my “inserted joke here” that I know you are only 1 of a select few will understand. Be well Quam family- you consistently inspire and put me in awe.


  3. Karl Feiker says:

    I would recommend the leg scissors. Great tool for teaching manners. I’m enjoying your posts. Hope you and the family are doing well.


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