School, fear of tickets, and the Alps!

First full week in the books!  Big event was both the girls starting school.  Mckenna is at the International School of Lausanne.  She has 22 kids in her class, only 4 Americans.  She summed it up as “really nice people, great teachers, 15 options for lunch and 2 recesses in the day”.  It was a very good start.

Sadie is as Haut Lauc which is a bilingual French/English school.  She has 16 in her class and only 4 girls.  She is in the class taught in English but by the end of the week has asked to switch to the french 2 days/English 3 days class.  She will for sure return bilingual with that.

Jess had a great week getting the girls settled and learning all things Swiss.  There are very strict rules on how you dispose your trash, when you shovel your driveway, how you drive and where you park.  He and I both live in fear of tickets showing up in our mailbox for the rules we broke, but did not know.

To end the week, we went skiing at Nandaz.  About 1:15 from our home.  It is beautiful!  The skiing is challenging but we did it.  

5 thoughts on “School, fear of tickets, and the Alps!

  1. Robin and Dean Lockwood says:

    Sounds like you are all taking great advantge of your move and making the most of your adventure. Hope you don’t get any tickets!


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