Exhilarating & Exhausting for sure

We arrived on Monday night and were able to get into the house on Tuesday! It has been a busy and crazy first week settling into our new home in a foreign country. At the end of our first week we are sitting by a real wood fireplace reflecting and it has been what we were told, exhilarating and exhausting. Everyone’s reflections from the week:
Sadie: πŸ‘ Teddy arriving πŸ‘Ž 5 hour marathon getting a Swiss cell phone number

McKenna: πŸ‘ Finally Arriving πŸ‘Ž trying to do the basics of life like grocery shopping when you don’t speak the language

Jess: πŸ‘ cool new house with my family πŸ‘Ž Heineken bottles are too small and too expensive

Bethany: πŸ‘ the beauty of the country that surrounds us every day πŸ‘Ž everything takes 2x longer than normal

Teddy: πŸ‘ my awesome new background πŸ‘Ž 48 hours of travel and lots of money to get reunited with my family

School starts Monday for McKenna at the International School of Lausanne and Sadie on Tuesday at Haut Lauc and Bethany to work for the week.

PS We did get new phone numbers today so our US cell phones are no longer. Email us if you need a number and we are all on skype under our names for a free call or text! To come is a free US number through Vonage.

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